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The world’s first automatic smart rolling machine, the OTTO

  • All-In-One auto cone roller
  • Electric grinder and automatic cone roller in a single device
  • Spill free filling funnel

This Product Plants One Tree 🌱

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**New Updated 2021 Version 2.0 – Comes with an improved latch and upgraded motherboard and battery.


Banana Bros. OTTO Grinder: Dry Herb Vaping Just Got a Lot Easier

What’s the worst part of any vaping session? If you answered, “grinding the herbs” you need to make room in your budget for the Banana Bros. OTTO grinder right now! This is a fully automatic grinder that’s compatible with all types of dry herbs; just load the chamber at the top and watch your fluffy, perfectly ground herbs drop to the container below. The Banana Bros. OTTO automatically adjusts itself for the consistency of the herbs you’re using, so manual tweaking is never necessary.

The Banana Bros. OTTO is the grinder for you if you’re sick of picking sticky herbs out of the teeth of your manual grinder every time you vape. It’s also perfect if a mobility issue such as arthritis makes using a manual grinder difficult for you.

Also Makes Pre-Rolled Cones Automatically

Are you the type of person who likes to change things up by smoking your herbs once in a while rather than vaping them? Hey, we aren’t here to judge! The Banana Bros. OTTO works with OTTO pre-rolled cones and can fill the cones automatically. Each OTTO cone has a built-in filter to prevent wasted material and ensure that the smoke always remains pure and smooth.


  • Single Button Operation
  • SMART Grinding Technology
  • All-In-One Auto Cone Roller
  • Spill Free Filling Funnel
  • All-Natural Premium Cones
  • Metal Grinder Teeth
  • Spring Loaded
  • Detects Material Consistency
  • USB Charging


What’s In The Box
  • Measuring Cup
  • USB Rapid Charging Cable
  • O-Tube
  • 4-In-1 Tool
  • Fresh Seal Cone Tube
  • 6x Premium Cones





29 reviews for Banana Bros. OTTO Grinder

  1. Allison

    This is the coolest accessory on the market. I highly recommend you get yours today.

  2. Alice

    I had a stroke can’t roll or use a grinder. This does a great job for me!

  3. Emsie

    This thing is so cool – husband and all of his friends absolutely love it. I highly recommend this amazing technological advancement. Quality and functionality are beyond what we were expecting.

  4. Dave

    I thought this would be another novelty item, but to my surprise, it really does the job well. Quality built, easy to use. Genius!

  5. Kat

    I purchased this as a gift for my husband for Father’s Day and he LOVED it! He said it’s quick, convenient and genius ! He loves it and wouldn’t go back to his old grinder

  6. Steve

    It’s a great product. Easy to use with no mess.

  7. Ahneishia

    My experience has been great. I love the product. Its super simple to use. The price was great and final result is everything I have been looking for.

  8. Anthony

    My overall experience using the product is awesome and very convenient the grinder could be a little bit stronger but overall excellent work

  9. Dana

    This the best! I’ll never have to buy pre-rolls again. Very easy to use. It was a very happy birthday!

  10. Matthew

    Cool gadget I love it. I hate rolling and this thing just makes my life easier. Its quick and easy to load and fills the cone fast.

  11. Jean

    Great for packing on the run.

  12. Roy

    A little time consuming at first but definitely worth buying!

  13. Sam

    Item exactly as described! works great once you get the hang of it.. great quality and engineering ! not some cheap Chinese product

  14. Mathew

    Works like a charm!! Got it for my Bae and he absolutely loves it. Very easy to use. Work don’t in seconds!

  15. Henry

    Super easy for those that can’t roll

  16. Phil

    Bought it as a gift. They absolutely love it!

  17. Ruksana

    Perfect, takes about 2 minutes to roll perfect cone

  18. Lynn

    Best thing ever

  19. Rachel

    Very easy to use, great product.

  20. Gill

    Bought as Christmas gift for husband. 3 months of use and it still works as good as day 1.

  21. Sarah

    This is epic. Quickest grind ever

  22. Ryan

    This little contraption works 🙂 well made, easy to charge, easy to use. Also it mills just about anything, 5 outta 5

  23. Dora

    Literally just got this about 45 mins ago & it’s life changing so far! I have no idea why I have not owned/heard about this before, but it is the height of ease & perfection. Rolls perfectly, grinds perfectly, uses barely any product, absolutely blown away by this thing!!!

  24. Chris

    Super easy to use! After opening the box I realized this device was built very well and worth every penny spent in the time it saves.

  25. Miranda

    Works like a charm very impressive

  26. Alex

    This is a great product!!!! My buddy got 1 and a soon has I seen it, knew I had to have 1 has well…. So far I ran different types of herbs through it with no problem ( even stickey ) … For all the reviews out there that saids it rolls lose cones…. watch the videos online read the manual that comes with n you’ll be a pro in no time!!!!!!

  27. Tacy

    This thing is remarkable. It is super easy to use and set up. Super sturdy construction and totally cool design. You could leave this thing on the coffee table and it almost looks like an art piece. I would recommend this to anyone. It’s like Apple made a grinder.

  28. Jordan

    I didn’t want to spend that kind of money but I did and do not regret it at all. Absolutely love love love it. Works great, easy to use, charges great and hold a charge. I read thru they reviews before i purchased and I’m glad i ordered it.

  29. Ben

    Amazing is the only way to describe this device!
    I just bought another one of these to have as a back up to my current one…just in case something ever happens! My first one is good and going strong but I have been spoiled and j can’t go back to the old way of rolling!!! Been almost a year and I am still happy! I use this daily, multiple times.

    This machine is a gift from the heavens. I can only describe this tool as amazing! It has been life changing using this thing! It saves me time and I can roll more in less time now! I need to get the travel bag now so I can take it to my Veterans burn sesh to show this bad boy off!!! Buy this…you won’t regret it!!! I promise!!!!

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