KandyPens Crystal Vaporizer


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Introducing the latest KandyPens Crystal Vaporizer

  • Designed for use with concentrates and waxes
  • Comes with a long lasting 900mAh battery
  • Glass mouthpiece
  • Pure quartz atomizer
  • 4 Variable voltages

This Product Plants One Tree 🌱

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KandyPens Crystal: Wax Vaporizer With Unparalleled Purity of Flavour

Few experiences in the world of vaping are quite as uplifting as a great session with a premium herbal concentrate. The problem with most wax vaporizers, though, is that they’re simply not designed with flavour quality as a top priority. In most wax atomizers, you place your material directly on a metal coil wrapped around a quartz rod. That type of wax atomizer might be good for fast heating, but do you really want to put your mouth directly over a hot metal coil and inhale? Most wax vapes produce vapour that’s incredibly hot and harsh. The KandyPens Crystal is a vape pen that does things in a completely different way.

With this device, you place your material in a quartz bowl that’s positioned above the heating coil. The coil heats the bowl from underneath, but it doesn’t touch your material directly. With an all-quartz bowl and vapour path, nothing can compete with the flavour quality of the KandyPens Crystal.

Unmatched Reliability Among Wax Vapes

The fact that the coil doesn’t touch your material isn’t just great for the flavour of the KandyPens Crystal; it also helps to extend the life of the atomizer. There’s no gunk to rob the coil of its performance or add to your cleaning challenges. Therefore, the quartz bowl is incredibly easy to clean with a paper towel and a little isopropyl alcohol.

Finally, the KandyPens Crystal uses a replaceable atomizer that attaches to the battery via the industry-standard 510 thread. The atomizer is a wear component with a finite life, and it isn’t covered under the KandyPens warranty. KandyPens does, however, offer a lifetime warranty for the battery of the Crystal Vaporizer, which is extremely generous. Perfect for when you’re on the go!


  • Awarded “Best Vape Pen of 2019” by The Vape Critic
  • Ultra-Compact Design (Only 10cm tall)
  • Medical Grade Electro-Plated Stainless Steel Construction
  • All Quartz Crystal Glass Atomizer (no coil)
  • Variable Voltage Battery (2.6V, 3.0V, 3.6V, 4.2V)
  • 2 Click Sesh Mode Feature
  • Powerful 900 mAh Sub-Ohm Battery
  • No Glues, Wicks, or Dyes
  • Glass Mouthpiece with Splash-Guard (2)
  • Micro-USB Pass Through Charging
  • Lifetime Warranty (Battery)
  • Handmade
  • Developed & Designed in the USA


What’s In The Box
  • KandyPens Crystal Vaporizer
  • Concentrate Tool
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • Black Velvet Pouch
  • 2x Glass Mouthpiece

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11 reviews for KandyPens Crystal Vaporizer

  1. Damian

    Great product; even better customer service. Will return to buy more

  2. Ricky

    Small, huge hits and looks sexy

  3. Brian

    This is a nice compact unit, very portable and durable. It also looks slick. I really like the sesh mode for when I’m hanging out, nice feature that I haven’t seen on other pens. On demand coil works well also. Only about two seconds to warm up before you can use it.

  4. Jay

    I have tried several vape pens, including puffco and pax, and this is the first one that provides enough heat quickly to provide what I consider a full draw. Also, it is solidly built and relatively easy to clean.

  5. Brayden

    I’ve tried many and this is the best.
    Flavor, speed, efficiency
    Quartz bucket style is so easy to clean.

  6. Richard

    I upgraded from the Prism to the Crystal & there is a huge difference between them. The Crystal works so much better & the design is quite improved over the Prism

  7. Richard

    Bought in 4/20 – great sale – awesome customer service – great product!! Thx

  8. Duane

    I love being able to have a lil pick me up whenever the craving hits. Everything tastes so smooth with it being all glass and the adjustable temps

  9. Daniel

    Couldn’t ask for a better pen absolutely wonderful

  10. Gregory

    Picked up this pen after my previous sv model had crapped out. This pen is amazing. For wax and oil it creates huge tasty clouds. I have been super happy with the battery life as well. Amazing product.

  11. Mark

    The Crystal Black is probably the best concentrate vape pen on the market right now. The atomizer, unlike any other model I’ve seen from other brands, is very durable. If taken care of it can last you years probably. The cleaning is extremely easy, all you need is a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol and in 2 minutes it will be as good as new! Well worth the money

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